Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Poem I wrote after struggling with an extremely niche Investment Banking role. Here is the content: "Hard work always pays off"I've heard this many timesBut I would beg to differSpeaking as a recruiterThe nature of our work, is suchThat you may bend your back for two days in a rowAnd ultimately end up getting nothingHowever,…Read more Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Are You A True Leader?

This is the latest poem dedicated to my boss. Here goes the content: You know how hard I work How hard I have worked Over the last five years And how hard I have been working Over the last two years in particular Yet, hearing words of appreciation from you Is a prospect that is…Read more Are You A True Leader?

Mondays Are Rarely Good

Latest poem dedicated to my boss as well as Mondays in general. Here is the content: Mondays are rarely good However, thanks to you Even a Monday that starts well Ends in the worst possible way You present a benevolent face To prospective employees Luring them with “a culture of freedom” Which, in reality, seems…Read more Mondays Are Rarely Good

Is Nothing Truly Impossible?

My latest poem on Recruitment, which is also meant as a message to all those who say that nothing is impossible. Here goes the content: They say that nothing is impossible And that the word itself says “I’m possible” Clearly, they haven’t worked in Recruitment And that too in a startup Imagine handling multiple roles…Read more Is Nothing Truly Impossible?

You Really Enjoy It, Don’t You?

Poem about all the things that my boss enjoys. Here is the content: You really enjoy it, don’t you? Keeping your employees on tenterhooks Day in and day out Loading them with so much work That it’s a wonder no one has collapsed Out of sheer stress and fatigue Finding faults where there are none…Read more You Really Enjoy It, Don’t You?

What Work Depression Looks Like

Poem I wrote when work pressure became too hot to handle; driving me to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Here is the content: You know you are doomed When the pile of work before you Keeps growing taller and taller Despite your best efforts To cut it down to size As the old cliché…Read more What Work Depression Looks Like

Getting Sucked Into The Whirlpool Of Recruitment

Warning: This poem contains dark themes and references to death and depression. Here is the content: Recruitment is like a whirlpool Once you enter it You have effectively sealed yourself For there is no escape route On the other hand You keep getting sucked inside Deeper and deeper Until you are left with no choice…Read more Getting Sucked Into The Whirlpool Of Recruitment

Seeking Appreciation For My Hard Work

Yet another poem dedicated to my boss, for whom I’ve been working for 5+ years. Here is the content: I have been working for you For a long, long time And I’ve been working really hard In fact, there have been times When I have worked on weekends And there’ve also been times When I’ve…Read more Seeking Appreciation For My Hard Work

A Boss Who Is Impossible To Satisfy

I am working on five mandates Three of which pose as much of a challenge As chasing 350 in 50 overs does The other two may not seem difficult But nevertheless, require a significant amount of time However, I am doing my best To share resumes for each mandate And schedule interviews as well It…Read more A Boss Who Is Impossible To Satisfy

Why Putting On Weight Matters To Me

There are major setbacks in life Like losing someone dear to you Losing your job Going through a divorce And so on and on Then there are minor setbacks For instance, putting on weight At first glance, it may not seem like much But, as you scratch the surface You will slowly understand Why it…Read more Why Putting On Weight Matters To Me