Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Poem I wrote after struggling with an extremely niche Investment Banking role. Here is the content:

“Hard work always pays off”
I’ve heard this many times
But I would beg to differ
Speaking as a recruiter
The nature of our work, is such
That you may bend your back for two days in a row
And ultimately end up getting nothing
However, it is also equally possible
That you may slack off
And end up achieving a closure
Recruitment is as predictable as the stock market
Especially when it comes to that devil, Investment Banking
You never know what goes on
In an Investment Banker’s mind
Is he really looking for a change?
If yes, then what is the reason?
Is she okay with the role?
Does he know the client well?
So many questions
And not an answer in sight
The biggest hurdle
In the path to a successful closure
Is the fact that Investment Bankers are stuck in a comfort zone
And not many would be ready to step out
Unless the opportunity is with an MNC
Or it is on the buy-side
Or the pay is exceptionally high
And so on
Which leaves us recruiters
To look for the proverbial needle in the haystack
And when the role is particularly niche
You know that you have to be ready
For the long haul
Calling as many candidates as possible
And selling them the job
Which is easier said than done
Since, by the time you finish explaining the role
They are in their own world
And all attempts to convince them to apply
Are as futile
As teaching magic to Muggles will be
The candidates have their excuses at the ready
“I am not looking for a change”
“I am not keen on the role”
“I prefer a more generic role”
“I don’t want to shift within Investment Banking”
“I am not keen on Client A”
And the list goes on and on
Eventually, though, after hours and hours of hard work
You somehow manage to find a decent profile
And the candidate is genuinely interested too
However, as always, there is a hitch
He is expecting a rather unrealistic hike
Which cannot be justified by his experience
Hard work doesn’t always pay off, you know

Share your views please ! :)

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