Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Poem I wrote after struggling with an extremely niche Investment Banking role. Here is the content: "Hard work always pays off"I've heard this many timesBut I would beg to differSpeaking as a recruiterThe nature of our work, is suchThat you may bend your back for two days in a rowAnd ultimately end up getting nothingHowever,…Read more Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Welcome To The World Of Investment Banking Hiring

My latest poem on what the world of Investment Banking hiring looks like. Here is the content: Recruitment is never easy Was never easy And will never be easy We all know that Except for some sanctimonious jerks Who think we are making a mountain out of a molehill And thus make it a point…Read more Welcome To The World Of Investment Banking Hiring

A rollercoaster ride finally ends

Poem about a massive research project that has finally ended. Here is the content; there are some Harry Potter and Julius Caesar references: Ever since this project began I have been on my toes Working day and night Sacrificing a truckload of things I hold dear Including even some much-needed sleep It has been one…Read more A rollercoaster ride finally ends