A rollercoaster ride finally ends

Poem about a massive research project that has finally ended. Here is the content; there are some Harry Potter and Julius Caesar references:

Ever since this project began

I have been on my toes

Working day and night

Sacrificing a truckload of things I hold dear

Including even some much-needed sleep

It has been one hell of a ride

Exploring companies in and out

Searching for the best candidates

In a sea of people

Extracting some critical information

From people who have a habit

Of keeping their cards close to their chest

Facing multiple rejections along the way

Watching my already fragile self-confidence

Nosedive after every rejection

Having no choice but to pick up the pieces

And fight my fears

With the stubbornness of a stereotypical Gryffindor

Drawing charts that are as straightforward

As the character of Mark Antony from Julius Caesar

Listening to some classic Harris Jayaraj melodies

In order to beat the stress

That comes naturally with every project

More so, in this particular project

Which has been as intellectually draining

As it has been massive

Juggling figures left, right and centre

Making some “smart” guesses

Filling up tables

And finally

Some routine cut-copy-paste work

And a fat lot of proofreading

To end a rollercoaster ride

In which I’ve been through more ups and downs

Than the Indian men’s cricket team has been

In the last two decades

And it is a miracle

That I’ve not lost my sanity along the way

However, it is not over yet

Fast forward to Monday

And a new project begins

Here we go again

2 thoughts on “A rollercoaster ride finally ends

  1. Very nicely expressed Ashwin. The underlying fa fact is you lived through and beat the stressful days and able to look back and say “I have done it”. Hold your head high as you held your nerves together !


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