Are There No Depths To Which We Can’t Sink?

I heard a shocking piece of news today; a woman had her throat slit in Gadag, Karnataka; just because she converted from Hinduism to Islam. Hence, I decided to write this poem; because, I feel I am responsible in some way – being born in a privileged upper middle class Tamil Brahmin family. Some of…Read more Are There No Depths To Which We Can’t Sink?

“Weasley Is Our King”

Poem on Ronald Bilius Weasley, my favourite character from the Harry Potter series. Here is the content: I am a Potterhead And every Potterhead has a character Whom s/he will defend Till his/her last breath For me, it’s Ron Weasley He is Harry Potter’s best friend Sacrifices himself in a real game of wizard chess…Read more “Weasley Is Our King”

Welcome To The World Of Investment Banking Hiring

My latest poem on what the world of Investment Banking hiring looks like. Here is the content: Recruitment is never easy Was never easy And will never be easy We all know that Except for some sanctimonious jerks Who think we are making a mountain out of a molehill And thus make it a point…Read more Welcome To The World Of Investment Banking Hiring

Are You A True Leader?

This is the latest poem dedicated to my boss. Here goes the content: You know how hard I work How hard I have worked Over the last five years And how hard I have been working Over the last two years in particular Yet, hearing words of appreciation from you Is a prospect that is…Read more Are You A True Leader?

Poem dedicated to Thatha

This is a poem dedicated to my maternal grandfather. Here is the content: There are many kinds of love Romantic love, the most popular And probably the most overrated as well Platonic love, not as popular But far more enduring And then comes the most important form of love Family love Again, there are different…Read more Poem dedicated to Thatha

Mondays Are Rarely Good

Latest poem dedicated to my boss as well as Mondays in general. Here is the content: Mondays are rarely good However, thanks to you Even a Monday that starts well Ends in the worst possible way You present a benevolent face To prospective employees Luring them with “a culture of freedom” Which, in reality, seems…Read more Mondays Are Rarely Good

The Worst Candidates

Poem on the worst candidates whom you may encounter; while hiring for an Investment Banking role. Here is the content: I know I am probably saying this for the nth time But hiring for an Investment Banking role Is nothing less than a wild goose chase Especially if the domain happens to be Technology You…Read more The Worst Candidates

Does Independence Day Truly Matter?

The first political poem I’m writing in 1.5 years. The content is not completely original; some of the information comes from two of the greatest books that have changed Indian society in many ways – “Annihilation of Caste” by Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and “Hatred In The Belly” by Ambedkar Age Collective. Here goes the…Read more Does Independence Day Truly Matter?

Is Nothing Truly Impossible?

My latest poem on Recruitment, which is also meant as a message to all those who say that nothing is impossible. Here goes the content: They say that nothing is impossible And that the word itself says “I’m possible” Clearly, they haven’t worked in Recruitment And that too in a startup Imagine handling multiple roles…Read more Is Nothing Truly Impossible?

Three Days Of Sheer Pain

Poem about the intense pain I’ve been feeling in my tongue for the last three days, thanks to an ulcer. I’ve taken some inspiration from Harry Potter and “The Popeye Show”. Here is the content: Three days of sheer pain Sharp, intense and mind-numbing pain My tongue has become a raging inferno Enough to wipe…Read more Three Days Of Sheer Pain