Time Is Always One Step Ahead

My first poem on Time Management. Here goes the content: People talk a lot about time management Of course, it is very important For our life revolves around it And time is the only thing That, once lost, can never be found However, the way most people talk about time management Frankly puts me off…Read more Time Is Always One Step Ahead

The Sheer Weight Of Hiring Investment Bankers

This is a poem I decided to write, after struggling with an Investment Banking role for a new boutique client of ours. Here goes the content: I must have said this about a hundred times But hiring Investment Bankers is one of the most difficult jobs Especially if your client is not a company That…Read more The Sheer Weight Of Hiring Investment Bankers

That Special Person

This is my latest love poem. Here goes the content: People come and go But there are not many Who make an impact on our lives And even less Who actually change our lives For the better, or for the worse Preferably the former of course! I am looking for one such person With whom…Read more That Special Person

An Ode To Ron Weasley

Another poem dedicated to my favourite Harry Potter character – Ronald Bilius Weasley. Here is the content: Ron Weasley is known as Harry Potter’s best mate He is not perfect He has his flaws But then, who is perfect? We all have our flaws That’s what makes us human Coming back to Ron He is…Read more An Ode To Ron Weasley

Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Poem I wrote after struggling with an extremely niche Investment Banking role. Here is the content: "Hard work always pays off"I've heard this many timesBut I would beg to differSpeaking as a recruiterThe nature of our work, is suchThat you may bend your back for two days in a rowAnd ultimately end up getting nothingHowever,…Read more Hard Work Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Choose Your Friends Carefully

A poem dedicated to one of my former college friends. Here goes the content: I counted you as a friend In fact, not merely a friend But a sister Moreover, when I met you I was shy to a fault And it was you Who broke me out of my shell And got me talking…Read more Choose Your Friends Carefully

An Ode To Harris Jayaraj

Yet another poem dedicated to my favourite music composer. Here is the content: Dear Harris Sir I have been a fan of your music Since the age of sixteen When I heard the song “Oru Maalai” Which transported me to another world A world like no other From then on, there was no looking back…Read more An Ode To Harris Jayaraj

Love Is Not Just About Romance

This is a poem about my musings on love. Here is the content: When you think of love What is the first thing That comes to your mind? Romance, naturally! Because that’s what you’ve been fed Through books, movies, TV shows Media, newspapers, radio And so on Yes, romance is indeed love But love is…Read more Love Is Not Just About Romance

What Does Peace Truly Mean?

Peace is a small wordBut it means a lotWhether it be to an individualOr a familyOr a communityOr a nationOr even, the whole worldPeace has different meaningsFor different peopleFor some, it may mean a world without warsWith every country pitching inTo support its neighbourThrough thick and thinFor others, it may mean finally turning their dreams…Read more What Does Peace Truly Mean?

The Real India

I was prompted to write this poem after a mass conversion of 10000 Bahujans to Buddhism, led by Dr. Rajratna Ambedkar, the great-grandnephew of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, and organised by Rajendra Pal Gautam, Delhi Cabinet Minister (himself a Buddhist); was targeted by BJP, Congress and casteist media channels as “anti-Hindu” and “spreading hate”. A police complaint…Read more The Real India