Burning The Midnight Oil May Not Be Enough

Poem I wrote during the final stages of an extremely gruelling and stressful research project. Here is the content: Hard work is not new to me Not that I am boasting But I am used to working hard After all, I am a recruiter Mind you, not just any recruiter But a recruiter working in…Read more Burning The Midnight Oil May Not Be Enough

The Challenges Of A Research Project

This is a poem I am writing to relieve myself from the stress and rigours of a huge research project. Here goes the content: A research project is always going to be a challenge Thanks to the extremely demanding nature of work Coupled with tight deadlines Not to mention, almost zero margin for error Of…Read more The Challenges Of A Research Project

A rollercoaster ride finally ends

Poem about a massive research project that has finally ended. Here is the content; there are some Harry Potter and Julius Caesar references: Ever since this project began I have been on my toes Working day and night Sacrificing a truckload of things I hold dear Including even some much-needed sleep It has been one…Read more A rollercoaster ride finally ends