Burning The Midnight Oil May Not Be Enough

Poem I wrote during the final stages of an extremely gruelling and stressful research project. Here is the content:

Hard work is not new to me

Not that I am boasting

But I am used to working hard

After all, I am a recruiter

Mind you, not just any recruiter

But a recruiter working in a research-driven startup

And handling niche roles most of the time

In order to achieve closures

You need to burn the midnight oil

However, Recruitment almost seems like nothing

When compared to Research

A research project is a massive challenge

Physically, mentally and psychologically

Not only do you need to invest a lot of time and effort

As my boss would undoubtedly say

You also have to sacrifice some precious sleep

As all your intellectual capabilities will be tested to the hilt

And you need to step up your game

Also, I must have said this for the nth time

But you will have a race against time

A race you absolutely have to win

Or else risk losing your client

As well as your own credibility

The final lap is the toughest

As you need to go for the kill

And thus double your speed

Thus increasing the risk of crashing into barriers

Placed in your path

By the client and candidates

And not to mention, the boss himself

Remember, the client needs volumes, quality and speed

All at the same time

If you manage to win the race

It is a significant achievement

And something to add to your resume as well

However, if you lose

It is a blackmark on your career

All your efforts will amount to nothing

If you don’t deliver the project report on time

It is a very very cruel world indeed

Yes, you need to work hard in Recruitment

In order to close roles successfully

But when it comes to Research

Even burning the midnight oil may not be enough

You need magic

That too, not at the level of Harry Potter

Or even Hermione Granger

You need to be a Dumbledore or a Voldemort

In order to ensure that your client is satisfied

Share your views please ! :)

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