My Mundane Daily Routine

People often say That, in order to be successful in life You need a daily routine Well, on a typical working day My routine involves getting up as early as 6 AM Brushing my teeth and taking a bath Having a hot cup of filter coffee Followed by breakfast, which varies everyday I then change…Read more My Mundane Daily Routine

Going To Office On A Regular Basis

This is a poem in which I rant about going to office on a regular basis. Here is the content: You may think That going to office on a regular basis Is not a big deal However, the reality is as different As sugar is, from salt Especially when it comes to a city like…Read more Going To Office On A Regular Basis

Every Day Is A New Beginning

Every day is a new beginningWhat happened yesterday is historyYou need to focus on todayOf course, long-term planning is importantBut it will be difficult to plan for tomorrowWithout taking today into accountAlso, it is indeed important to learn from the pastBut ultimately, you need to move onAs the famous saying goes"Time and tide wait for…Read more Every Day Is A New Beginning

The Value Of Uncles

Poem dedicated to one of my closest uncles. Here goes the content: They say that family is everything Of course, it’s true Though it’s equally important to have friends And then there are relatives Underrated, but again, extremely valuable This poem is about one of them He is my mother’s elder brother And one of…Read more The Value Of Uncles

What Does Loneliness Truly Mean?

Poem on what loneliness truly means; since a lot of people mistake it for simply being alone. Here goes the content: Loneliness is not being alone At least, not in the physical sense You can have loads of people around you And still feel lonely as hell On the other hand, there are times When…Read more What Does Loneliness Truly Mean?

Women’s Day Special Poem 2023

Poem dedicated to all the women in my life. Here is the content: Today is a very very special day Because it belongs to women and girls Without whom I would be a nobody A person whose existence would be forgotten As quickly as a politician forgets his/her promises to the public After winning the…Read more Women’s Day Special Poem 2023

Burning The Midnight Oil May Not Be Enough

Poem I wrote during the final stages of an extremely gruelling and stressful research project. Here is the content: Hard work is not new to me Not that I am boasting But I am used to working hard After all, I am a recruiter Mind you, not just any recruiter But a recruiter working in…Read more Burning The Midnight Oil May Not Be Enough

That Special Person

This is my latest love poem. Here goes the content: People come and go But there are not many Who make an impact on our lives And even less Who actually change our lives For the better, or for the worse Preferably the former of course! I am looking for one such person With whom…Read more That Special Person

An Ode To Ron Weasley

Another poem dedicated to my favourite Harry Potter character – Ronald Bilius Weasley. Here is the content: Ron Weasley is known as Harry Potter’s best mate He is not perfect He has his flaws But then, who is perfect? We all have our flaws That’s what makes us human Coming back to Ron He is…Read more An Ode To Ron Weasley

Choose Your Friends Carefully

A poem dedicated to one of my former college friends. Here goes the content: I counted you as a friend In fact, not merely a friend But a sister Moreover, when I met you I was shy to a fault And it was you Who broke me out of my shell And got me talking…Read more Choose Your Friends Carefully