What Does Loneliness Truly Mean?

Poem on what loneliness truly means; since a lot of people mistake it for simply being alone. Here goes the content:

Loneliness is not being alone

At least, not in the physical sense

You can have loads of people around you

And still feel lonely as hell

On the other hand, there are times

When you are on your own

And feel completely at peace

Because there is no one around to disturb you

You have complete freedom

To do anything in the world

Watch a rom-com

Play the mobile video game “Choices”

Read an Agatha Christie murder mystery

Or a Shakespeare play for that matter

Go on a train trip

Listen to Harris Jayaraj melodies

Have a plate of Chicken Biryani

The possibilities are endless

Anyway, coming back to loneliness

Imagine a situation

When you are under a lot of stress

Whether it be work or personal

But find it difficult to confide in people

Because nobody is prepared to understand you

Or empathise with you

For a variety of reasons

Some have already got a lot on their plate

Some find it difficult to relate to you

Because they live in a world of their own

Some simply can’t take time out for you

And others don’t even consider you worth their time

Thankfully, I am not in that situation

Because I have a very strong family circle

Which includes quite a few close relatives and cousins

As well as a few close friends

With whom I can share anything and everything

So, I rarely ever feel lonely

But yes, loneliness is very real

And it often affects your mental health to a great extent

Hence, it is very important to be with people

Who can understand you even more than you understand yourself

And most importantly

People who are prepared to take time out for you

Share your views please ! :)

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