Women’s Day Special Poem 2023

Poem dedicated to all the women in my life. Here is the content:

Today is a very very special day

Because it belongs to women and girls

Without whom I would be a nobody

A person whose existence would be forgotten

As quickly as a politician forgets his/her promises to the public

After winning the election

Whatever I’ve achieved in life

Is largely due to the moral support

As well as unconditional love

Provided by the ladies in my life

Of course, I am equally grateful to the men

Who’ve supported me through thick and thin

However, as I mentioned earlier

Today belongs to the women

Moreover, you would do well to read this famous quote

From the champion of women’s rights in India, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved”

Coming back to the women in my life

I would like to begin with my family

Of course, there is my mother

To whom I owe my very existence

And who has been my biggest supporter

Throughout my life

Providing constant encouragement, especially during my worst moments

And at the same time, admonishing me strongly

Whenever I have done anything wrong

My grandmothers, one of whom is unfortunately no more

Have always seen the good in me

Even when I’ve been at my worst

And have had even more faith in me

Than I’ve had in my life

Then comes my sister

With whom I used to fight a lot in my childhood and teens

But who has had the patience and fortitude

To forgive me even before I forgave myself

And who understands me

Even better than I understand myself

Not to mention, playing a key role

In officially putting an end to a bad marriage of mine

And thus restoring my happiness and peace of mind

There are also a few aunts

Who’ve always supported me unconditionally

Just like my immediate family

And provided sound advice

Particularly when I’ve needed it the most

Of course, there are cousin sisters too

One of whom comes particularly to mind

Seeing as she has always provided a new perspective

Whenever I’ve ranted about my work issues

And apart from family and relatives

There are also a few women in my circle of friends

Including a few colleagues

Whom I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing

And whom I know I can always count on

Whenever I feel stressed or overworked

Special mention goes to a family friend of mine

Who used to be a former colleague of mine

And has stood by me always, no matter what

Last but not the least

There is a very close friend of my mom

Who is like an aunt to me

And has helped me and my family multiple times

Especially during times of crisis

Her daughter is also a good friend of mine

So, these are the women

Without whom I would definitely not have come this far in life

Thank you for everything, dear ladies

2 thoughts on “Women’s Day Special Poem 2023

  1. Hello.
    Beautiful tribute to all the important women in your life who have supported and loved you unconditionally. It’s heartwarming to read how grateful you are to them and how much of an impact they have had on your life.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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