My Mundane Daily Routine

People often say

That, in order to be successful in life

You need a daily routine

Well, on a typical working day

My routine involves getting up as early as 6 AM

Brushing my teeth and taking a bath

Having a hot cup of filter coffee

Followed by breakfast, which varies everyday

I then change into formals

Put on socks and shoes

Head into the streets

Board an autorickshaw

Which would deposit me at Vikhroli station

In a mere fifteen minutes

I then board the 08 15 AC Fast Local

Which would take me to Dadar

Again, in a mere fifteen minutes

Followed by a chaotic crossover

From Central to Western Railway

A short ride to Lower Parel

Followed by a walk to the office

In the sweltering heat of the summer

And from there work takes over

In between, I say hi to my colleagues

And my boss and his wife

Have cups of coffee

Lunch is usually around 1 PM

After which I wash my dishes and resume work

Again, with cups of coffee in between

Leaving by around 6 40 – 6 45 PM

Walking to Lower Parel station

Followed by another short ride to Dadar

And yet another chaotic changeover

I then board a slow local to Vikhroli

And endure a long and tedious journey

Suffocated by the sheer crowd

Especially those savages boarding at Ghatkopar

At Vikhroli, when it is finally time to deboard

I heave a huge sigh of relief

And take another autorickshaw

To reach home by around 8 PM

Followed by a bath and dinner

Brushing my teeth again

And getting ready for the next day

Which would thankfully involve working from home

Nevertheless, I would dearly love a change

From all this mundane stuff

After all, as we all know

“Change is the only constant in life”

Share your views please ! :)

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