The Value Of Uncles

Poem dedicated to one of my closest uncles. Here goes the content:

They say that family is everything

Of course, it’s true

Though it’s equally important to have friends

And then there are relatives

Underrated, but again, extremely valuable

This poem is about one of them

He is my mother’s elder brother

And one of my dearest uncles

“Ashok Mama”, as we call him

Took a liking to me from the start

And I’m glad to say

That the feeling was mutual

In fact, it still is

Ashok Mama is a good conversationalist

On a number of topics

Cricket, politics, movies

Food, health, work

Climate, travel, animals

And the list goes on and on

There are times

When we would go on talking

Such that, we would fail to realise

That, as Albus Dumbledore would say

“Time is making fools of us”

There are certain conversations

Which will remain etched in my memory, forever

Our discussions about various Agatha Christie murder mysteries

Especially those involving the legendary Belgian detective “Hercule Poirot”

And our talks about cricket

Especially Australia’s domination

India’s inconsistent brilliance

And the rise and fall of West Indies

Mama’s anecdotes are priceless

Especially his encounter with a snake

His work experiences, particularly those in Central India

His detailed knowledge about his own health

And last, but not the least

The time when he had 4 rasagollas for lunch!!

Also, Ashok Mama has always been very supportive of me

And would give me sound advice

From time to time

Especially when it came to my work

And I am really happy

That we meet more frequently now

Than we used to do in the past

Truly, Ashok Mama is living proof

That uncles are special

And will always be

Share your views please ! :)

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