Cousins Can Be Close Friends Too

This is a poem dedicated to my cousin sister Priyanka. Here is the content: We may not be siblings Nor do we speak very frequently But you must know this You are special to me, in your own way As a sister As a friend As an advisor And finally As a confidante Thanks to…Read more Cousins Can Be Close Friends Too

Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend And Sister

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Tamil, who is like a sister and family friend to me and whose birthday is tomorrow. Here is the content: A very very happy birthday To a very very special person A person whom I’ve known For a period of nine years You were my colleague, to…Read more Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend And Sister

That Special Person

This is my latest love poem. Here goes the content: People come and go But there are not many Who make an impact on our lives And even less Who actually change our lives For the better, or for the worse Preferably the former of course! I am looking for one such person With whom…Read more That Special Person

Choose Your Friends Carefully

A poem dedicated to one of my former college friends. Here goes the content: I counted you as a friend In fact, not merely a friend But a sister Moreover, when I met you I was shy to a fault And it was you Who broke me out of my shell And got me talking…Read more Choose Your Friends Carefully

My awesome little sister

This poem is dedicated to a former colleague of mine who is very close to me; like a sister. Here is the content: You are always lively Right from the start You talk such a lot With a smile to remember That can melt even stone Affection, thy middle name Thou teaches hate to love…Read more My awesome little sister