The Challenges Of A Research Project

This is a poem I am writing to relieve myself from the stress and rigours of a huge research project. Here goes the content:

A research project is always going to be a challenge

Thanks to the extremely demanding nature of work

Coupled with tight deadlines

Not to mention, almost zero margin for error

Of course, any project will definitely be a challenge

But a project that is taller than even Mount Everest

Requires you to work out of your skins

There is so much that you need to sacrifice

Going for a train trip during the weekend

Attending comedy shows or poetry open mics

Playing your favourite mobile video game

Reading an exciting Agatha Christie murder mystery

And most importantly

Sacrificing some extremely valuable sleep

And throwing work-life balance out of the window

Since you are expected to work on weekends as well

Of course, it is not like you hate these projects

In fact, you love doing research

But a research project is a double-edged sword

It gives you a lot of thrills

And drives you mad at the same time

You end up working beyond 11 PM

And are forced to get up at 6 AM the very next day

So that you can reach office on time

Of course, you do need to work hard

Since a lot is riding on you

And the work is undoubtedly exciting

However, it is so complicated

That even Google Maps won’t be able to provide you any directions whatsoever

And that’s not all

The work keeps going on and on

With no end in sight

You are racing against time, every single day

And you have no choice

But to complete all the work

Within the given deadline

It is indeed a do-or-die situation

But then, that’s what projects are all about

Especially research projects

Of course, you need to keep yourself sane

In order to give yourself a decent chance of success

Thus, it is important to take breaks every now and then

And provide an outlet for your emotions

And one of the best ways to do that

Is to write a poem like this

Share your views please ! :)

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