What A Week This Has Been!

This is a poem I decided to write towards the later stage of a crazy week packed with work; which involved (and still involves!!) going to office every alternate day and never leaving before 7 PM. Here goes the content:

What a week this has been!

Work after work

With no end in sight

Going to office every alternate day

Travelling by the dreaded Mumbai locals

Never leaving office earlier than 7 PM

Returning home utterly exhausted

Ready to crash on my bed

It has been driving me mad

What a week this has been!

Working for hours and hours

Without a break in between

Except for lunch, tea of coffee

All of which, fall under the category of “basic stuff”

Switching from one mandate to another

Without any clarity of thought whatsoever

Doing my best to keep up the pace

And yet getting lectured all the time

By a perfectionist boss

Who can never be satisfied

I am completely at my wit’s end

What a week this has been!

Racing against time

To complete as much work as possible

Getting delayed by a few tedious tasks

As well as unnecessary lectures

From an insufferable boss

Who loves to impose his personality

On anyone and everyone

Not receiving even a word of appreciation

For my thankless toil

It is a wonder I haven’t lost my cool yet

Except for a brief period of childish petulance

Where I decided not to wear my mask

While on the way home from office

What a week this has been!

Being under the pump, all the time

And not getting rewarded sufficiently

For all my painstaking efforts

There is a silver lining, though

Only two more days

And the weekend will have arrived

Never have I ever wished, so desperately

For a week to end, as early as possible

Seriously, what a frigging week this has been!!

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