What A Week This Has Been!

This is a poem I decided to write towards the later stage of a crazy week packed with work; which involved (and still involves!!) going to office every alternate day and never leaving before 7 PM. Here goes the content: What a week this has been! Work after work With no end in sight Going…Read more What A Week This Has Been!

Are You A True Leader?

This is the latest poem dedicated to my boss. Here goes the content: You know how hard I work How hard I have worked Over the last five years And how hard I have been working Over the last two years in particular Yet, hearing words of appreciation from you Is a prospect that is…Read more Are You A True Leader?

A Boss Who Is Impossible To Satisfy

I am working on five mandates Three of which pose as much of a challenge As chasing 350 in 50 overs does The other two may not seem difficult But nevertheless, require a significant amount of time However, I am doing my best To share resumes for each mandate And schedule interviews as well It…Read more A Boss Who Is Impossible To Satisfy