Are You A True Leader?

This is the latest poem dedicated to my boss. Here goes the content:

You know how hard I work

How hard I have worked

Over the last five years

And how hard I have been working

Over the last two years in particular

Yet, hearing words of appreciation from you

Is a prospect that is as rare

As steam engines in India

You expect results

And I suppose that is fine

As far as Recruitment is concerned

But to be obsessed with results

To the point that you seldom acknowledge our efforts

Is something that drives us mad

Every single day

Don’t we have a life outside of work?

Don’t we families to care for?

Is the concept of work-life balance alien to you?

Are we not human beings?

All these are extremely pertinent questions

Questions for which I doubt you can give a satisfactory answer

It’s an irony, given that you love questioning us

“What’s the update on this mandate?”

“Are we sharing a batch today?”

And so on

Now the time has come for you

To answer our questions, for a change

But first, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror

 And ask yourself, if you are a true leader

Or just any other boss

Who is content to sit behind the desk

In a large, plush chair with leather cushions

Watch his employees toil away

And then take all the credit

For their successes

While putting the blame squarely on them

For their failures

Share your views please ! :)

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