A Boss Who Is Impossible To Satisfy

I am working on five mandates

Three of which pose as much of a challenge

As chasing 350 in 50 overs does

The other two may not seem difficult

But nevertheless, require a significant amount of time

However, I am doing my best

To share resumes for each mandate

And schedule interviews as well

It is not an easy task

And you know that very well

Yet, I do not hear a word of appreciation from you

Yesterday I sent two resumes

Each to a different client

And the only thing that mattered to you

Was that I had not shared any resumes

With another client

A client that means as much to you

As a brand-new toy to a kid

But I digress

Coming back to the matter at hand

Now you are expecting me to send resumes everyday

As if it were child’s play

Tomorrow, you will expect me

To line up interviews, one after the other

For an entire week

And the day after that

You will expect me

To close three roles in a month

Seriously, satisfying you is like satisfying Birbal’s kid

Who wanted an elephant to be put

Inside a glass of water

Share your views please ! :)

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