Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend And Sister

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Tamil, who is like a sister and family friend to me and whose birthday is tomorrow. Here is the content:

A very very happy birthday

To a very very special person

A person whom I’ve known

For a period of nine years

You were my colleague, to start off with

Very friendly and free-spirited

As well as humble and unassuming

You got along well with everyone

And your hard work and sheer dedication

Was hard to match

However, you always managed to find some time

For some pleasant chit-chat

And it was no surprise

That we became close friends

What I liked best about you

Was that you were nice to everyone

Including even those who hurt you

Or talked behind your back

Also, you were a sound judge of character

Till date, you’ve rarely been wrong about anybody

And you’ve always been on the side of justice

Lunch at office was never boring

Thanks to you and your tales

Moreover, you always made it a point

To share your lunch with us

That too on a daily basis

As our friendship grew

I would eagerly wait for the day to end

So that I could drop you at your hostel

Eventually, this created a few issues

Thanks to the usual office politics

However, our friendship survived all this

Being stronger than even the Rock of Gibraltar

We had our fair share of fights as well

Deep down though, we both knew

That our bond was almost impossible to break

Moreover, over the years

We became closer and closer

Platonically of course

You became a part of my family

And I, yours

Even after your marriage

We’ve managed to remain best friends

Something that is not very common

In a society such as ours

Moreover, you played a key role

In rescuing me from a bad marriage

As I’ve said before

You are a great judge of character

And are always ready to help those dear to you

Till your dying breath

Thus, I’m extremely fortunate

To have a friend like you

Again, wish you many many happy returns of the day

My dear friend and sister

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