My Journey With Meat

It has been six years Since the journey began Into an entirely new world A world full of food Food that I never thought I'd taste Even in my wildest dreams But, as the cliche goes The forbidden fruit is the sweetest Of course, the beginning was basic at best Just a bowl of chicken…Read more My Journey With Meat

My First Train Journey Since COVID19

And.......finally....there it is!! A train journey after a long, long wait of a year and 8 months; thanks to the accursed pandemic!! Firstly, I must give you fair warning: this is not a usual trip report - it includes mainly railfanning observations at the source station; since it was a purely overnight journey. But it…Read more My First Train Journey Since COVID19

Oh Love, Why Do You Do This?

Oh Love, why do you do this?Why do you evade me?I have waited and waitedFor more than 30 yearsCrushes came, crushes wentAnd then I fell in loveHead over heelsI was just 21 thenAnd doing my MBAAlas, it was one-sidedI never had the courageTo tell her the three magic wordsBy the time I finally did itI…Read more Oh Love, Why Do You Do This?

The army of rabbits

When all hope seems lost When the world turns black When God turns his back on us And joins forces with the Devil When the roses have been replaced By the thorns beneath them When all the food in the world Turns into a pile of rotting moss And all the water Turns into sewage…Read more The army of rabbits

I deeply miss your music

This poem is dedicated to my favourite music composer in India - Harris Jayaraj. Here goes the content: I deeply miss your music It has that charm It has that rhythm It has that symmetry Akin to the blades of a fan Whirring around, ever so smoothly Also like the gurgling of a stream Swiftly…Read more I deeply miss your music

Reminiscing train travel before the pandemic

The pandemic, ever since its formation at the end of 2019 in Wuhan, China; has claimed a gazillion lives globally. It has caused many more people to lose their jobs (and thus their livelihood, for the poor and the underprivileged). If you are not among either of these two categories; consider yourself extremely privileged, especially…Read more Reminiscing train travel before the pandemic

Oh, If only I were to love!

My second love poem. Here goes the content; should be fairly self-explanatory: Oh, If only I were to love! Love, that rare commodity Your proverbial needle in the haystack Or a tiny drop of water In the vast mass of the mighty Pacific Ocean Or a tiny ember from a raging Mount Vesuvius It comes…Read more Oh, If only I were to love!

What does love mean to me?

This is a rare love poem that I am writing. Here is the content: What does love mean to me? It means a lot of things It means understanding It means trust It means empathy It means affection It means give and take It means sharing But above all It means acceptance What does love…Read more What does love mean to me?

We have watched and watched

This is a poem on the ongoing farmer struggle in India; which has involved a lot of police brutality - including the arrest and sexual torture of young Trade Union activist Nodeep Kaur by the Haryana police; all because she showed support to the farmers and demanded the unpaid wages of 300 workers in Kundli.…Read more We have watched and watched

It has been a long wait

This poem is dedicated to trains, especially Indian Railways; for I am deeply missing train travel since the COVID19 pandemic has struck. My last train trip was on February 15th 2020; between Mumbai and Pune. Here goes the content: It has been a long wait Days turning into weeks Weeks turning into months And now,…Read more It has been a long wait