How Vodafone Affects My Job

This is a poem on how my job is adversely affected by the poor service of Vodafone Idea (Vi). Here is the content: A day in Recruitment Is full of phone calls Mostly to candidates Whether it be prospective candidates To whom you have to pitch a job opportunity Or existing candidates Whose interviews you…Read more How Vodafone Affects My Job

Seeking Appreciation For My Hard Work

Yet another poem dedicated to my boss, for whom I’ve been working for 5+ years. Here is the content: I have been working for you For a long, long time And I’ve been working really hard In fact, there have been times When I have worked on weekends And there’ve also been times When I’ve…Read more Seeking Appreciation For My Hard Work

It Has Been Twenty-one Years

This is a poem dedicated to my favourite music composer, Harris Jayaraj. Here is the content: It has been twenty-one years Since you first arrived on the scene With a melody so evergreen So enchanting, and so sublime That we were left spellbound Four years after the legendary “Vaseegara” Came the song “Oru Maalai” This…Read more It Has Been Twenty-one Years

A Boss Who Is Impossible To Satisfy

I am working on five mandates Three of which pose as much of a challenge As chasing 350 in 50 overs does The other two may not seem difficult But nevertheless, require a significant amount of time However, I am doing my best To share resumes for each mandate And schedule interviews as well It…Read more A Boss Who Is Impossible To Satisfy

Why Putting On Weight Matters To Me

There are major setbacks in life Like losing someone dear to you Losing your job Going through a divorce And so on and on Then there are minor setbacks For instance, putting on weight At first glance, it may not seem like much But, as you scratch the surface You will slowly understand Why it…Read more Why Putting On Weight Matters To Me

Vistadomed! First Train Journey of 2022

First things first - what I am writing about now is not my first train journey post COVID19 - you can find it here . But that was a purely overnight affair - what I'm writing about is my first daytime train journey since the pandemic and also the first of 2022! And predictably…Read more Vistadomed! First Train Journey of 2022

Bad Days Are Part And Parcel Of Life

This is a poem about a bad day (one out of many!) I had in Recruitment. Here goes the content: Bad days are part and parcel of life They can happen to anyone in the world And you never know when Yesterday was one such day For hours and hours I searched and searched For…Read more Bad Days Are Part And Parcel Of Life

Poem Dedicated To My Father

Dear Appa We may not speak all the time Or at least Not as much as Amma and I do, perhaps But I want you to know That you are not any less special Not even an iota Where do I even start? From buying me countless toys Even as I kept breaking them One…Read more Poem Dedicated To My Father

Search, Find, Talk, Repeat

This is a poem about the difficulties one faces in Recruitment for Investment Banking roles. Here is the content: Search, find, talk, repeat This is what Recruitment is all about, isn’t it? You couldn’t have been more wrong Especially when considering the world of Investment Banking It is a very small world You speak to…Read more Search, Find, Talk, Repeat

Mother’s Day Special Poem

Dear Amma, First of all Let me wish you A very Happy Mother’s Day How do I even begin? You’ve been there for me Right from day one From giving birth to me To raising me as a child Sending me to school Supporting me through my teens Which were frankly some of the most…Read more Mother’s Day Special Poem