A rollercoaster ride finally ends

Poem about a massive research project that has finally ended. Here is the content; there are some Harry Potter and Julius Caesar references: Ever since this project began I have been on my toes Working day and night Sacrificing a truckload of things I hold dear Including even some much-needed sleep It has been one…Read more A rollercoaster ride finally ends

Project Blues

Poem dedicated to my struggles with one of the biggest projects of my life. Here is the content: Work, work, work That’s all I do these days No time to relax No time to unwind No time to watch TV No time to read books No time to play games No time to exercise And…Read more Project Blues

A Confession To My Family

I am truly sorry And I say this From the bottom of my heart What I did was unacceptable And I'm not making any excuses I ask only one thing from you That you hear me out fully You may be tired of hearing this But it is the cold reality That my brain is…Read more A Confession To My Family

I Have Been With You

This poem is dedicated to my Acer One 14 laptop that I've been using since September 2017. Here's the content: I have been with you For more than four years And there hasn’t been a single moment When I’ve not had to tear my hair out From its very roots Right from day one You’ve…Read more I Have Been With You

So, You Think I Am Boring?

So, you think I am boring? Well, I don’t deny it After all, I am socially awkward I can’t make small talk to save my life Whenever there is a party I am the last one to get an invite And even that usually happens Because someone drops out at the eleventh hour Cracking jokes…Read more So, You Think I Am Boring?

I So Miss Those Days

I so miss those days When diesels ruled the roost Whether it be the ALCOs With their ferocious chugging Or the EMDs With their intoxicating humming I so miss those days When I used to travel By the legendary Mumbai-Chennai route And couldn’t wait for Pune to arrive soon Because, the electric engine hauling our…Read more I So Miss Those Days

It May Just Be A Game To You

My poem dedicated to the interactive simulation/roleplay mobile video game "Choices: Stories You Play". Here's the content: It may just be a game to you But for me, it’s so much more than that It’s a whole new world A world full of characters Characters that are as real As the Sun rising in the…Read more It May Just Be A Game To You

My Latest Poem on Recruitment

Every minute, every hour Every day, every week You put in the hard yards Searching for the right candidate In every portal possible Scanning tons of resumes Knowing that, by hook or crook You’ve got to find that perfect fit However, after a few hours You hit a dead end Gritting and gnashing your teeth…Read more My Latest Poem on Recruitment

How Dare You Do This To Her?

This is yet another poem dedicated to the MD of the company where my best friend works; yesterday she humiliated my friend in a harrowing three hour meeting in front of other team leaders, by telling her that she is not capable of being a lead. Apart from this atrocity, the company has a horrendous…Read more How Dare You Do This To Her?

Just Imagine Your Luck

Just imagine your luck It is barely an hour Since you began work for the day And it is a mountain of work That needs to be completed Faster than the speed of sound That too with the accuracy of a bullet Fired from a loaded AK47 And Ting! With a beep Your laptop goes…Read more Just Imagine Your Luck