Letter To My Favourite Musician

Yet another poem dedicated to my all-time favourite musician, Harris Jayaraj. Here is the content: Dear Harris Sir You are not just a musician You are so much more than that You are a lifesaver And an inspiration to thousands of us Who wake up every single day Full of anxiety and dread About the…Read more Letter To My Favourite Musician

I Am Ronald Bilius Weasley

Yet another poem dedicated to Ron Weasley, my favourite character from the world of Harry Potter. Here goes the content: I am Ronald Bilius Weasley I come from a poor family And have five brothers As well as a sister Each of whom, is unique In his/her own way But I am not Nothing I…Read more I Am Ronald Bilius Weasley

Going To Office On A Regular Basis

This is a poem in which I rant about going to office on a regular basis. Here is the content: You may think That going to office on a regular basis Is not a big deal However, the reality is as different As sugar is, from salt Especially when it comes to a city like…Read more Going To Office On A Regular Basis

Every Day Is A New Beginning

Every day is a new beginningWhat happened yesterday is historyYou need to focus on todayOf course, long-term planning is importantBut it will be difficult to plan for tomorrowWithout taking today into accountAlso, it is indeed important to learn from the pastBut ultimately, you need to move onAs the famous saying goes"Time and tide wait for…Read more Every Day Is A New Beginning

If Only I Were A Wizard

Sometimes I wish magic were real and I were a wizard; since I am so crazy about Harry Potter and the world of magic. Here is a poem on such wishful thinking: If only I were a wizard My entire life would be vastly different I would be able to perform magic Real magic, not…Read more If Only I Were A Wizard

The Value Of Uncles

Poem dedicated to one of my closest uncles. Here goes the content: They say that family is everything Of course, it’s true Though it’s equally important to have friends And then there are relatives Underrated, but again, extremely valuable This poem is about one of them He is my mother’s elder brother And one of…Read more The Value Of Uncles

What Does Loneliness Truly Mean?

Poem on what loneliness truly means; since a lot of people mistake it for simply being alone. Here goes the content: Loneliness is not being alone At least, not in the physical sense You can have loads of people around you And still feel lonely as hell On the other hand, there are times When…Read more What Does Loneliness Truly Mean?

What A Thankless Job This Is

Poem about my experience of hiring for a very difficult senior Investment Banking role; for which the client has already approached many people. Here is the content: When you are working in Recruitment You often come across roles That require a lot of hard work and patience As well as an incredible amount of skill…Read more What A Thankless Job This Is

Konkan Railway And The Glory Days Of Diesels

This poem is dedicated to all railfans and rail enthusiasts; especially fans of diesel locomotives. It is largely about Konkan Railways and also about the glory days of diesels in the past. Even nature lovers may find this to their interest. Here goes the content: Imagine you are in a train Sitting in a non-AC…Read more Konkan Railway And The Glory Days Of Diesels

Women’s Day Special Poem 2023

Poem dedicated to all the women in my life. Here is the content: Today is a very very special day Because it belongs to women and girls Without whom I would be a nobody A person whose existence would be forgotten As quickly as a politician forgets his/her promises to the public After winning the…Read more Women’s Day Special Poem 2023