Welcome To The World Of Investment Banking Hiring

My latest poem on what the world of Investment Banking hiring looks like. Here is the content: Recruitment is never easy Was never easy And will never be easy We all know that Except for some sanctimonious jerks Who think we are making a mountain out of a molehill And thus make it a point…Read more Welcome To The World Of Investment Banking Hiring

The Worst Candidates

Poem on the worst candidates whom you may encounter; while hiring for an Investment Banking role. Here is the content: I know I am probably saying this for the nth time But hiring for an Investment Banking role Is nothing less than a wild goose chase Especially if the domain happens to be Technology You…Read more The Worst Candidates

Is Nothing Truly Impossible?

My latest poem on Recruitment, which is also meant as a message to all those who say that nothing is impossible. Here goes the content: They say that nothing is impossible And that the word itself says “I’m possible” Clearly, they haven’t worked in Recruitment And that too in a startup Imagine handling multiple roles…Read more Is Nothing Truly Impossible?

My Latest Poem on Recruitment

Every minute, every hour Every day, every week You put in the hard yards Searching for the right candidate In every portal possible Scanning tons of resumes Knowing that, by hook or crook You’ve got to find that perfect fit However, after a few hours You hit a dead end Gritting and gnashing your teeth…Read more My Latest Poem on Recruitment

Something has to give

Something has to give After hours of frustration Hours of thankless toil Where are the fruits? Trust and rapport built Through days of understanding Days of convincing Evaporate at the eleventh hour Causing me to tear my hair out And start all over again   But are my efforts recognized? Do all those hours count?…Read more Something has to give