Is Nothing Truly Impossible?

My latest poem on Recruitment, which is also meant as a message to all those who say that nothing is impossible. Here goes the content:

They say that nothing is impossible

And that the word itself says “I’m possible”

Clearly, they haven’t worked in Recruitment

And that too in a startup

Imagine handling multiple roles at a time

The time and effort required

To close each role

Is nothing short of phenomenal

Of course, you may think

That it’s all about calling people

And selling the job to them

But it doesn’t work that way, my friend

Because the candidates are human beings too

They may have multiple reasons

For staying in their present job

It is equally possible

That they may have better options

As compared to our clients

And remember this

You can’t force anyone to join

The decision is entirely up to the candidate

So, coming back to work

When you are handling multiple roles

The famous George Orwell quote comes to mind

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”

Thus, a few roles may take up so much of your time and energy

That it will become a race against time

To close the remaining roles

In fact, forget closure

Even sharing resumes may be more difficult

Than even clearing CA in the first attempt!

Also, due to the mercurial nature of Recruitment

At the end of every single day

You are left with that sinking feeling

Of not having completed your work

It is a cruel profession

Because only results count

Your time and effort don’t count

And when you work in a startup

You take complete ownership of your work

It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Except that it starts as a dream

And turns into a nightmare

At the speed of an aeroplane

Because you have to face failure

On your own

And trust me, failures are commoner than you may think

Especially in Recruitment

So, to cut a long story short

Before saying that nothing is impossible

Put yourself in the shoes of recruiters

Especially those who are unfortunate enough

To work in a startup

Share your views please ! :)

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