My Latest Poem on Recruitment

Every minute, every hour

Every day, every week

You put in the hard yards

Searching for the right candidate

In every portal possible

Scanning tons of resumes

Knowing that, by hook or crook

You’ve got to find that perfect fit

However, after a few hours

You hit a dead end

Gritting and gnashing your teeth

You decide to start afresh

Your patience is rewarded

With a few decent profiles

Not exactly what you’re looking for

But, as the cliché goes

Something is better than nothing

You decide to speak to the candidates

However, you hit a dead end once more

One by one, the candidates decline

Some of them are quite friendly

Some, merely polite

And others put the phone down

As soon as they hear

The name of the wretched client

Just as you start thinking

That the day can’t get any worse

You receive a message from a candidate

Who has been interviewed for another role

And is about to receive an offer

That he is no longer keen

You don’t even have the time

To ponder over this latest disappointment

As you have to resume work

On yet another mandate

However, the lack of success so far

Ends up trapping you

In a massive whirlpool

From which there would be no escape

As you get sucked deeper and deeper

You manage to catch a glimpse

Of a devil right at the top

Watching you with a smug smile

A devil that goes by the name of ‘Recruitment’

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