Bad Days Are Part And Parcel Of Life

This is a poem about a bad day (one out of many!) I had in Recruitment. Here goes the content: Bad days are part and parcel of life They can happen to anyone in the world And you never know when Yesterday was one such day For hours and hours I searched and searched For…Read more Bad Days Are Part And Parcel Of Life

A Day Where Nothing Has Gone Right

Every day need not be good As we all know There is no rose without a thorn So, if you want good days You have to take in the bad days as well However, today is an exception That has proved the rule So far, nothing has gone right Everything I have touched Has turned…Read more A Day Where Nothing Has Gone Right

My Latest Poem on Recruitment

Every minute, every hour Every day, every week You put in the hard yards Searching for the right candidate In every portal possible Scanning tons of resumes Knowing that, by hook or crook You’ve got to find that perfect fit However, after a few hours You hit a dead end Gritting and gnashing your teeth…Read more My Latest Poem on Recruitment