A Day Where Nothing Has Gone Right

Every day need not be good

As we all know

There is no rose without a thorn

So, if you want good days

You have to take in the bad days as well

However, today is an exception

That has proved the rule

So far, nothing has gone right

Everything I have touched

Has turned into dust, at best

And sewage, at worst

Right from waking up later than usual

To the malfunctioning shower

With my mobile phone joining the party as well

Thus adding insult to injury

As I turn to work

In a bid to divert myself

From the never-ending cycle of misfortune

I see that all my mails have been ignored

And fresh work has landed on my desk

Work that is unavoidable as well as urgent

Thus adding to my stress levels

Which are already at their peak

Alas! The harder I try to turn my back on Fate

The more I end up running into it

Sometimes, even colliding

With a crash that knocks the breath out of me

Leaving me in a trance

Where all I wish

Is for this wretched day to end

Share your views please ! :)

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