Bad Days Are Part And Parcel Of Life

This is a poem about a bad day (one out of many!) I had in Recruitment. Here goes the content:

Bad days are part and parcel of life

They can happen to anyone in the world

And you never know when

Yesterday was one such day

For hours and hours

I searched and searched

For the right candidate

It was like playing a Test match at Leeds

And facing the most terrifying fast bowling attack

Known in the history of cricket

On a wicket where the ball seamed and swung

Every waking moment

I was all at sea

Playing and missing every delivery

And it was a huge relief

When I ultimately fell for a duck

Caught at first slip, a la Virat Kohli

That is Recruitment for you

It can unsettle even the best in the business

You can only imagine, then

What it does, to people like me

Who are still at the intermediate level

Coming back to my day

I made dozens of calls

Some candidates politely declined

Some said “I’ll get back to you”

Like a typical HR Manager

And others didn’t even bother to answer my calls

At the end of the day

I felt useless enough

To put even the United Nations to shame

And that was not all

The Internet ended up biting the dust as well

Thereby rubbing salt into my already deep wounds

Yes, bad days are part and parcel of life

But yesterday was a special case

It was something I wouldn’t have wished to happen

Even to my worst enemy

And mind you

I’m not the kind of person who usually makes enemies

Share your views please ! :)

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