Mondays Are Rarely Good

Latest poem dedicated to my boss as well as Mondays in general. Here is the content:

Mondays are rarely good

However, thanks to you

Even a Monday that starts well

Ends in the worst possible way

You present a benevolent face

To prospective employees

Luring them with “a culture of freedom”

Which, in reality, seems to apply

Only to you and your wife

While you run roughshod over the rest

Especially those of us

Who’ve been with you through thick and thin

For instance, you say one thing and do another

Telling lies comes to you as easily

As winning Cricket World Cups does to Australia

You tell us that we can work as per our convenience

And then make us work overtime

As though we don’t have lives of our own

Alright, sometimes overtime may be necessary

But in that case, we should get paid accordingly

It’s only fair

Then again, do you truly understand

What it means, to be fair?

I doubt it

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have added to the workload

Of someone who hadn’t completely recovered from COVID
Again, Mondays are rarely good

However, thanks to a wet blanket like you

They are nothing less than a nightmare

Share your views please ! :)

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