What Work Depression Looks Like

Poem I wrote when work pressure became too hot to handle; driving me to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Here is the content:

You know you are doomed

When the pile of work before you

Keeps growing taller and taller

Despite your best efforts

To cut it down to size

As the old cliché goes

You have miles to go before you sleep

However, one look at your list of mandates

And you are ready to collapse in a heap

Even before you have actually begun working

Of course, you know what they say

This too shall pass

However, do you really believe that

Especially after three backouts in a row?

No matter what you’ve achieved in the past

It’s only the present that truly counts

And the present looks so grim

That even the most optimistic of people

Have no option, but to concede

That all is indeed lost

In your desperation, you pinch yourself hard

Hoping against hope

That this is just a nightmare

And you’ll soon wake up

And everything will be back to normal

However, the sharp pain that hits you

Is proof, that all of it is real

And there is no escaping it

But for now, all that you can do

Is take some rest

And recharge your batteries

For a new beginning tomorrow

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