Getting Sucked Into The Whirlpool Of Recruitment

Warning: This poem contains dark themes and references to death and depression. Here is the content:

Recruitment is like a whirlpool

Once you enter it

You have effectively sealed yourself

For there is no escape route

On the other hand

You keep getting sucked inside

Deeper and deeper

Until you are left with no choice

But to succumb to the Stockholm Syndrome

And make a home for yourself

In this dark and depressing dungeon

Which would put even Azkaban to shame

Coming to my personal experience

I work in a startup

And therefore, the pressure on me to deliver

Increases tenfold

At present, I am handling multiple mandates

No sooner have I shared resumes

For a particular mandate

Than I have to do the same

For the next mandate

And so on and on

Until I am left high and dry

Failing to close any of the mandates

My confidence at its lowest

As all I can do, is hopelessly watch

While the Dementors suck my soul out

Leaving me worse than dead

All because I chose Recruitment as a career

A mistake that would continue to haunt me

Even after my soul has left me forever

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