Letter To My Favourite Musician

Yet another poem dedicated to my all-time favourite musician, Harris Jayaraj. Here is the content: Dear Harris Sir You are not just a musician You are so much more than that You are a lifesaver And an inspiration to thousands of us Who wake up every single day Full of anxiety and dread About the…Read more Letter To My Favourite Musician

An Ode To Harris Jayaraj

Yet another poem dedicated to my favourite music composer. Here is the content: Dear Harris Sir I have been a fan of your music Since the age of sixteen When I heard the song “Oru Maalai” Which transported me to another world A world like no other From then on, there was no looking back…Read more An Ode To Harris Jayaraj

It Has Been Twenty-one Years

This is a poem dedicated to my favourite music composer, Harris Jayaraj. Here is the content: It has been twenty-one years Since you first arrived on the scene With a melody so evergreen So enchanting, and so sublime That we were left spellbound Four years after the legendary “Vaseegara” Came the song “Oru Maalai” This…Read more It Has Been Twenty-one Years

See How Times Are Changing

As the signal changes colour From red to green The guard waves a green flag And the Assistant Loco Pilot sounds the horn A deep and beautiful melody Which seems to arise Right from the heart And pulls you into a trance Such that, the only thing you want to hear Is this intoxicating horn…Read more See How Times Are Changing

The army of rabbits

When all hope seems lost When the world turns black When God turns his back on us And joins forces with the Devil When the roses have been replaced By the thorns beneath them When all the food in the world Turns into a pile of rotting moss And all the water Turns into sewage…Read more The army of rabbits

I deeply miss your music

This poem is dedicated to my favourite music composer in India - Harris Jayaraj. Here goes the content: I deeply miss your music It has that charm It has that rhythm It has that symmetry Akin to the blades of a fan Whirring around, ever so smoothly Also like the gurgling of a stream Swiftly…Read more I deeply miss your music

Why is Hindi so important?

India is a diverse country with many cultures Encompassing 23 languages Hindi may be the most spoken language But let there be no misconception, for a better future That Hindi is the national language Or that all South Indians are 'Madrassis' The Constitution of India has no national language However, ignorance is bliss As seen…Read more Why is Hindi so important?