The army of rabbits

When all hope seems lost

When the world turns black

When God turns his back on us

And joins forces with the Devil

When the roses have been replaced

By the thorns beneath them

When all the food in the world

Turns into a pile of rotting moss

And all the water

Turns into sewage

When you begin to feel

That the best thing to do

Is to kick the bucket

The time is ripe

To pull a rabbit out of the hat

A rabbit that speaks

Initially, in a strange language

A language you can’t understand

However, as the seconds pass by

The rabbit starts singing

And is soon followed

By an army of its brethren

Together, they form a choir

And make us dance to their tunes

Quicker than you can say “music” !

Talking about music

The upbeat, symphonic melodies

Composed by the first rabbit

Lull us into a trance

A trance full of hope

A trance full of infinite possibilities

A trance free of despair

When we finally open our eyes

There are no rabbits

Instead, there stands a handsome man

Smiling down upon us

And surrounded by men and women

Ladies and gentlemen

Let me present to you

The master musician, Harris Jayaraj

And his group of singers

The erstwhile army of rabbits

That has saved us

From impending doom

And, most importantly

Made us believe in ourselves

Share your views please ! :)

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