I deeply miss your music

This poem is dedicated to my favourite music composer in India – Harris Jayaraj. Here goes the content:

I deeply miss your music

It has that charm

It has that rhythm

It has that symmetry

Akin to the blades of a fan

Whirring around, ever so smoothly

Also like the gurgling of a stream

Swiftly down the mountains

And of course, like a train

Thundering down the tracks

I deeply miss your music

I remember those days

When I was a teenager

When I heard the song “Oru Maalai”

And fell in love with it instantly

To this day, it gives me goosebumps

As it marked the beginning

Of a new era

An era of fusion

Of Western and Classical music

Since then, there has been no looking back

And I have become a permanent fan

Of your enthralling, and frankly inspirational music

I deeply miss your music

It evokes a multitude of emotions

Happiness, Excitement, Passion

Love, Affection, Infatuation

Hope, Surprise, Warmth

And I can go on and on

I listen to your music

When I am feeling upset

When I am feeling dull

When I am feeling angry

When I am feeling betrayed

When I am feeling happy

When I am feeling upbeat

In short, there is nothing such

As a good time or a bad time

To listen to your music!

I deeply miss your music

It has been a long wait

Of more than two years

Since I have had the pleasure

Of listening to your music at its fullest

Of course, every musician

Has had his/her share of ups and downs

You are no different

Nevertheless, keep this in mind

It is an old cliche

That rings true, to this day

Form is temporary

Class is permanent

And I will always be your fan

No matter what

Share your views please ! :)

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