It Has Been Twenty-one Years

This is a poem dedicated to my favourite music composer, Harris Jayaraj. Here is the content:

It has been twenty-one years

Since you first arrived on the scene

With a melody so evergreen

So enchanting, and so sublime

That we were left spellbound

Four years after the legendary “Vaseegara”

Came the song “Oru Maalai”

This changed my life

In more ways than I can imagine

Till then, I had been a fan of AR Rahman

Of course, I still am

However, it is your music

That pulls me like a magnet

And refuses to let go of me

It has that delightful fusion

Of Indian and Western music

It has oodles of fervour

And, most of all

It evokes strong emotions

It has been twenty-one years

Since you first arrived on the scene

And a lot has happened in those years

You have delivered hits, time and again

Whether it be sappy love songs

Or Carnatic melodies

Or peppy dance numbers

Or raging kuthu songs

Or even, soup songs

Of course, there have been a few misses

Then again, that can happen to anyone

Just remember the cliché

Form is temporary, but class is permanent

And you certainly have class

Loads of it

It has been twenty-one years

Since you first arrived on the scene

In the last few years, though

I have been observing

That you continue to compose good music

But it is lacking that richness

That characterised your earlier music

And you are increasingly getting overshadowed

By other talented musicians

What is worse, though

Is the fact that you are getting fewer and fewer opportunities

However, as an ardent fan of yours

I urge you to keep believing in yourself

And continue working hard on your music

Remember, life is a continuous learning process

And that particularly holds true for art

After all, there is still a lot of music left in you

And I am sure

That it is only a matter of time

Before you amaze us all once more

As you did seven years ago

With the album “Yennai Arindhaal”

Share your views please ! :)

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