How Dare You Do This To Her?

This is yet another poem dedicated to the MD of the company where my best friend works; yesterday she humiliated my friend in a harrowing three hour meeting in front of other team leaders, by telling her that she is not capable of being a lead. Apart from this atrocity, the company has a horrendous record as far as paying the salary on time is concerned; especially when it comes to my friend and the Recruitment team that she leads. Here is the content:

How dare you?

How dare you do this to her?

Do you have any idea

What she’s been through?

Working overtime for years

Sacrificing her freedom

Sacrificing her sleep

And worst of all

Sacrificing her dignity!

How dare you?

How dare you do this to her?

Does it give you pleasure

To make a slave

Out of an innocent woman

Just because she happens to be poor?

How dare you?

How dare you do this to her?

She has been through Hell

Working for a tyrant like you

Just so that she can support her family

And you deny her

What she needs the most of all!

Seriously, what does it take

To pay an employee her dues

Especially when you are so blessed with riches

That you can travel anywhere

Like there is no tomorrow?

How dare you?

How dare you do this to her?

You think you will get away

With anything in the world

Just because you own a company?

If yes, then you are wrong

Your riches won’t last forever

Your company will go up in smoke

A few years down the line

You will land in Queer Street

There will be no one to rush to your aid

When your creditors chase you

You will then have ample time to reflect

On what your life might have been

Had you been more compassionate

Had you been kinder

And most importantly

Had you been a decent human being

Share your views please ! :)

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