Just Imagine Your Luck

Just imagine your luck

It is barely an hour

Since you began work for the day

And it is a mountain of work

That needs to be completed

Faster than the speed of sound

That too with the accuracy of a bullet

Fired from a loaded AK47

And Ting! With a beep

Your laptop goes off suddenly

You do everything in your power

To bring the machine back to life

But it is all in vain

So you have no choice

But to hand over the reigns

To the trusty service guy

Who takes one look at it

And calls it a case of short circuiting

In the very motherboard

As he takes your precious laptop away for repairs

You hope against hope

That the issue will be resolved soon

With minimal fuss

However, it is not to be

As you speak to the service guy

His tone is a giveaway

There lies a cloud of uncertainty

That threatens to break you from inside

Especially given the fact

That the laptop had already undergone repairs

A mere eleven days ago

And now it conks off

When the pile of work at your desk

Is taller than the Burj Khalifa

Just imagine your luck

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