My awesome little sister

This poem is dedicated to a former colleague of mine who is very close to me; like a sister. Here is the content:

You are always lively

Right from the start

You talk such a lot

With a smile to remember

That can melt even stone

Affection, thy middle name

Thou teaches hate to love

Grief to be happy

Anger to forgive

Haste to be patient

I am thy brother

But not thy protector

Thou are independent

You are the sum

Of your family’s parts

You study to work

And work to study

Hercules resides in you

You’ve seen more thorns than roses

Your shoe pegging away at you

Pain finding a home in you

Not seen or felt by the boss

Nor by the fools

Who exist to cheat

For them, friendship is love

Our bond is a disease

We talk to infect

Even a smile is cancer

I am really sorry

The evil possessed me too

Lies became truths

Truths became lies

But forgiveness never left you

Giving chances is you

The sister I need

But the sister I don’t deserve

Share your views please ! :)

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