Fascism cannot win without neutrals

Never forget old sayings

One rings louder than all

Watching evil and doing nothing

Is as bad as doing evil

So, neutral is not cool

Not in new India

Where lynching is now normal

State controls the media

Rationalists are murdered

Sane voices are silenced

Misogyny is rampant

Abuses flow in a torrent

Ominous signs of fascism

Further enhanced by denial

And criticism of liberalism

Fake news adding fuel

Be on the side of justice

Don’t try to please everyone

Speak to your conscience

You are not the only one

Fascism affects one and all

In condemnation, be unequivocal

Don’t indulge in whataboutery

Equity matters more than equality

Don’t be an apologist

Show empathy towards the oppressed

Because you too can be oppressed

Always question the government

It is never too late to change

There is always hope

But you must be true to yourself

Not to authority, which only cares about itself

Fascism cannot win without neutrals

If you don’t stand against injustice

You indirectly support growth of evil

So please get off the fence

2 thoughts on “Fascism cannot win without neutrals

  1. Neutrals are never there in the political spectrum. They are labelled apathetic Showing no concern, interest or enthusiasm! The well to do person at the time of making political choice just turns his back and refuses to make a choice for or against authority which you and I think has overstepped its bounds. They were never on the fence in the first place!!!!!!!


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