Oh, If Wishes Were Horses!

Oh, if wishes were horses! If only every wish of mine came true Then I would be the happiest person in the world There would be no worldly worries No work stress No family drama No health ailments And I can go on and on Oh, if wishes were horses! There would be no time…Read more Oh, If Wishes Were Horses!

We have watched and watched

This is a poem on the ongoing farmer struggle in India; which has involved a lot of police brutality - including the arrest and sexual torture of young Trade Union activist Nodeep Kaur by the Haryana police; all because she showed support to the farmers and demanded the unpaid wages of 300 workers in Kundli.…Read more We have watched and watched

A dream come true

Trigger warning: The below poem contains strong references to politics, religion and caste; and certain sentiments may be hurt. It is not recommended for the faint-hearted, conservative families, and people with right-wing or pro-establishment political leanings. The actual content: To live your life The way you like To speak your mind To not speak at…Read more A dream come true

A short response to Nivedita Menon’s blog on Raya Sarkar’s List

This is my shortest blog post ever. It is also very late. The reason why I am posting it is because my comment on the Kafila blog (of which renown Savarna feminist Professor Nivedita Menon is a member and co-Founder) is waiting for moderation - and I have doubts on whether it will be posted…Read more A short response to Nivedita Menon’s blog on Raya Sarkar’s List

Liberals and the complicity in casteism – Part 2

This is a continuation of my rant about the casual casteism of liberals from Part 1 https://ashwinkumar1989.online/2017/12/12/liberals-and-the-complicity-in-casteism-part-1/ . I am sorry for the long gap in between, but well; I was busy with work - to compensate for the end-of-the-year vacation that I am gonna take. Like I mentioned earlier, I am an ex-liberal. Like most…Read more Liberals and the complicity in casteism – Part 2

Liberals and the complicity in casteism – Part 1

I am from a conservative Tamil Brahmin family, which has always leaned to the right (supporting BJP, RSS etc.). I  am privileged in four ways - gender (male), religion (Hindu), caste (Brahmin) and class (upper middle - class). I have been blind to most of these privileges. Because of the patriarchal structure of my family…Read more Liberals and the complicity in casteism – Part 1

Why I am not proud of the new India

I have always been proud to be an Indian, partly because my childhood has been largely happy; apart from bullying which I experienced when I was around 9-10 years old. I am blessed to have a supportive family and relatives, and thus a good environment to grow in. However, I have also been sheltered by…Read more Why I am not proud of the new India

Fascism cannot win without neutrals

Never forget old sayings One rings louder than all Watching evil and doing nothing Is as bad as doing evil So, neutral is not cool Not in new India Where lynching is now normal State controls the media Rationalists are murdered Sane voices are silenced Misogyny is rampant Abuses flow in a torrent Ominous signs…Read more Fascism cannot win without neutrals

How difficult it is, to be a woman

How people change! Well, times change There was a time When I used to complain About extra bus seats for women Yes, this is not a lie! Having a female friend certainly helps With a different perspective With counselling, you believe That you can make changes But this is not about that This is about…Read more How difficult it is, to be a woman

I am an angry Indian

I am an angry Indian There are many reasons But silence I cannot maintain I dare you to call it treason People are being lynched Minorities are being targeted Voices are being silenced Rationalists are being eliminated Patriotism is being forced Sexism is getting enhanced This is not my India This is more like China…Read more I am an angry Indian