Why is Hindi so important?

India is a diverse country with many cultures

Encompassing 23 languages

Hindi may be the most spoken language

But let there be no misconception, for a better future

That Hindi is the national language

Or that all South Indians are ‘Madrassis’

The Constitution of India has no national language

However, ignorance is bliss

As seen with even some senior Ministers

Conveniently serving as a tool to impose Hindi

Including replacement of English on signboards with Hindi

It’s extension to a music concert was at best very bitter

Particularly in London, with a maestro like A.R.Rahman

A title like “Netru Indru Naalai” should have been  clear

But jingoism swallows common sense in every man and woman

Even 16 Hindi songs out of 28 hard to satisfy Hindians

Walking halfway out of the concert and insulting the legend

Will Hindi chauvinism ever end?

Music has no language, but sadly not for Hindians

Hindi is just like any other language

What is required is a love language



Share your views please ! :)

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