Why is Hindi so important?

India is a diverse country with many cultures Encompassing 23 languages Hindi may be the most spoken language But let there be no misconception, for a better future That Hindi is the national language Or that all South Indians are 'Madrassis' The Constitution of India has no national language However, ignorance is bliss As seen…Read more Why is Hindi so important?

Sachin – A Billion Dreams: Cricket lovers’ delight!

Yesterday night my fatherĀ and I had the treat of watching "Sachin - A Billion Dreams" (English) at INOX in R-City Mall, Ghatkopar. My dad had booked the 9 30 pm show (First Day Third Show) in the 'Insignia' screen - the business class for movies, since English was available in Insignia only; in the first…Read more Sachin – A Billion Dreams: Cricket lovers’ delight!