That Special Person

This is my latest love poem. Here goes the content:

People come and go

But there are not many

Who make an impact on our lives

And even less

Who actually change our lives

For the better, or for the worse

Preferably the former of course!

I am looking for one such person

With whom I can share anything

From my likes and dislikes

To my darkest secrets

Without batting an eyelid

Of course, it is easier said than done

As we all know

It takes a lot of time to build trust

But barely a moment

For that trust to be broken

As the cliché goes

Once bitten, twice shy

I’ve been there before

However, I haven’t lost hope yet

You may call me an eternal optimist

But I am just a realist

Who happens to believe

In the innate goodness of human nature

Coming back to love

I yearn for the opportunity

To meet a person

With whom I can feel completely at ease

Without getting any negative vibes whatsoever

People talk a lot about sex

But I am only concerned about emotional intimacy

I need to be listened to

And more importantly, understood

Sometimes, I need to vent

Sometimes, I need a shoulder to cry on

Of course, it works both ways

I am a good listener too

I can keep secrets

And I do my best to understand people

Even if my autism comes in the way at times

I can also resist the urge to provide solutions

As we men are often prone to do

They say friendship is a form of love

I totally agree with that

But I will also add

That couples need to be friends as well

As we all know

Sharing is caring

And we need to put up with each other

On our worst days

Sometimes, compromises have to be made

And yes, sacrifices too

Yet, at the same time

Neither of us must be allowed to dominate

Otherwise, it will just become like any relationship

Between boss and subordinate

Remember, couples are partners and BFFs

And on that note

Let me come back to the present

The search is still on

For that special person

Who can change my life

For the better, of course

So far, no luck

But again, as I’ve already mentioned earlier

I believe in humanity

And as yet another cliché goes

It is better to try and fail

Than not try at all

Share your views please ! :)

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