An Ode To Ron Weasley

Another poem dedicated to my favourite Harry Potter character – Ronald Bilius Weasley. Here is the content:

Ron Weasley is known as Harry Potter’s best mate

He is not perfect

He has his flaws

But then, who is perfect?

We all have our flaws

That’s what makes us human

Coming back to Ron

He is one of the most relatable characters

In the Harry Potter universe

He comes from a huge family

Where almost everyone has achieved something or the other

Ron, on the other hand

Is the Guy Next Door

Who wouldn’t stand out in a crowd

However, he more than makes up for this

With his sheer courage and loyalty

Sacrificing himself in a game of wizard chess

At the age of eleven

For the sake of his best mate

Facing his worst fears head on

And almost dying at the hands of a bunch of mammoth spiders

The very next year

Again, for the sake of his best mate

Standing up to a convicted mass murderer

That too with a broken leg

Merely a year later

Yet again, for the sake of his best mate

Bravely fighting a group of powerful Death Eaters

Two years later

For the sake of his best mate’s godfather

And finally

Accompanying his best mate on a life-or-death mission

Two years down the line

In order to save the wizarding world

Ron is truly a worthy Gryffindor

And apart from his bravery

Ron is also an excellent Quidditch Keeper

Whose performance is instrumental

In securing some of Gryffindor’s finest victories

Also, no one can beat Ron at wizard chess

However, Ron does have his bad moments too

Thanks mainly to his insecurities

The fights with Hermione over his pet rat Scabbers

Who ultimately turns out to be an Animagus

The fallout with Harry

After his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire

The Ugly Yule Ball episode with Hermione

And his jealousy of her date Viktor Krum

The whole Lavender-Hermione fiasco

And finally

Abandoning Harry and Hermione briefly

During the previously mentioned life-or-death mission

Yes, Ron is not perfect

But that’s what makes him so relatable

Along with his rather goofy sense of humour

I can never forget this memorable line

“Can I have a look at Uranus too, Lavender?”

Oh Ron,

You can be absolutely maddening sometimes

But you are the character

To whom I can relate the most

In the world of Harry Potter

And I will gladly defend you

Tooth and nail

Till my dying breath

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