I Am Ronald Bilius Weasley

Yet another poem dedicated to Ron Weasley, my favourite character from the world of Harry Potter. Here goes the content: I am Ronald Bilius Weasley I come from a poor family And have five brothers As well as a sister Each of whom, is unique In his/her own way But I am not Nothing I…Read more I Am Ronald Bilius Weasley

An Ode To Ron Weasley

Another poem dedicated to my favourite Harry Potter character – Ronald Bilius Weasley. Here is the content: Ron Weasley is known as Harry Potter’s best mate He is not perfect He has his flaws But then, who is perfect? We all have our flaws That’s what makes us human Coming back to Ron He is…Read more An Ode To Ron Weasley

“Weasley Is Our King”

Poem on Ronald Bilius Weasley, my favourite character from the Harry Potter series. Here is the content: I am a Potterhead And every Potterhead has a character Whom s/he will defend Till his/her last breath For me, it’s Ron Weasley He is Harry Potter’s best friend Sacrifices himself in a real game of wizard chess…Read more “Weasley Is Our King”