“Weasley Is Our King”

Poem on Ronald Bilius Weasley, my favourite character from the Harry Potter series. Here is the content:

I am a Potterhead

And every Potterhead has a character

Whom s/he will defend

Till his/her last breath

For me, it’s Ron Weasley

He is Harry Potter’s best friend

Sacrifices himself in a real game of wizard chess

At the age of twelve

Merely a year later

Ron, whose worst fear is spiders

Heads into the Forbidden Forest with Harry

A malfunctioning wand and a rather timid dog

Being his only means of protection

And bravely faces an army of giant spiders

Nearly dying in the attempt

In his third year at Hogwarts

Ron, having already broken his leg

Stands up to Sirius Black

Considered a mass murderer then

Just for the sake of his best mate

Coming to the fourth year

There are a lot of fans

Who jump on Ron’s supposed jealousy

When Harry was chosen as a Triwizard Champion

You are all wrong

Ron was not jealous

It was all a misunderstanding

And a stupid one at that

When Draco Malfoy and his cronies poke fun at Harry

Ron doesn’t join them

On one particular night

When Harry is out

Ron actually shows concern for him

By sacrificing some precious sleep

In order to wait for him to return

Something that Harry misunderstands as “being nosy”

And throws a badge at him

To which Ron doesn’t react at all

Had it been me, I would have hit Harry in retaliation

But Ron doesn’t

In fact, the very next day

Ron tries to catch Harry’s eye

On a number of occasions

Are all these signs of a jealous person?

I think not

After the first Triwizard task

Where Harry bravely faces off

Against the deadliest dragon imaginable

Ron’s face is white with fear

Which means he was genuinely afraid

Of losing his best friend, forever

The misunderstanding is cleared up

Quicker than one can say “friendship”

Harry doesn’t even need an apology

Their friendship is so natural

In Ron’s fifth year

Harry loses his temper with him

On a number of occasions

But Ron patiently puts up with him

Because that’s what best mates do

Coming to the second wizarding war

Again, there are a number of fans

Who jump on Ron’s “jealousy”

Which led him to abandon his friends

Right in the middle of a difficult and dangerous mission

Yes, what he did was wrong

But again, it was a case of insecurities, not jealousy

What would you do

If you are involved in a dangerous mission

Where the leader doesn’t have a concrete plan

And you have absolutely no news of your family

Whom you have left to fend for themselves

So that you can save the world?

It is enough to drive anyone mad

And remember, on top of that

Ron was carrying a piece of Voldemort’s soul

Yes, the soul of the evillest wizard ever to have existed

Anyway, Ron ultimately returns

And saves Harry’s life as well

In fact, he would have returned sooner

Had he not run into a couple of Snatchers

Almost immediately after leaving

What’s more, Ron later shows leadership skills

Continuously motivating his friends during the endless Horcrux hunt

While Harry, the actual leader

Becomes obsessed with the Deathly Hallows instead

And it doesn’t end here

After the Battle of Hogwarts

When Harry is playing dead

Ron stands up to Voldemort himself

So, for all those haters of Ron

I have only one thing to say

“Weasley Is Our King”

Note: “Weasley Is Our King” is the name of the song originally made by the Slytherins to mock Ron’s skills as a Quidditch Keeper in the book “Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoenix”. Later the Gryffindors recreate the song in a positive way to praise Ron; after his brilliant performance in the final match of the season, against Ravenclaw.

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