What Does Peace Truly Mean?

Peace is a small word
But it means a lot
Whether it be to an individual
Or a family
Or a community
Or a nation
Or even, the whole world
Peace has different meanings
For different people
For some, it may mean a world without wars
With every country pitching in
To support its neighbour
Through thick and thin
For others, it may mean finally turning their dreams into reality
Whether it be becoming an accomplished scientist
Or landing on Mars
Or becoming the CEO of a company
Or even, marrying the love of their life
In a country like India
You will find infinite examples
Of what peace should ideally mean
But I shall list only those
Which I feel, are the most critical
Such as, putting an end to poverty
Providing free education and healthcare for all
Getting rid of corruption and bribery
Independence for Kashmir and the North-Eastern states
Justice for all victims of heinous crimes
Like rape, murder and lynching
And last but not the least
Annihilation of caste
If you ask me personally
Peace means a lot of things
But they are all very simple in nature
For instance, going for an evening walk
While listening to Harris Jayaraj songs
Having a window seat in a train
And watching the countryside fly past
While sipping a hot cup of filter coffee
Playing the mobile video game “Choices”
And immersing myself in a particular story
Reading a cozy murder mystery of Agatha Christie
And I can go on and on
However, most of all
Peace means being free of stress
Whether it be work stress
Something that I have got used to, over the years
Or relationship stress
Whether it be family
Or cousins and relatives
Or friends and colleagues
And above all
Peace means living in the moment
And forgetting about all my worries and insecurities
Of course, it is easier said than done
But hey, no harm in trying
Besides, as the old cliche goes
“There is no pain without gain”

Share your views please ! :)

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