What Does Peace Truly Mean?

Peace is a small wordBut it means a lotWhether it be to an individualOr a familyOr a communityOr a nationOr even, the whole worldPeace has different meaningsFor different peopleFor some, it may mean a world without warsWith every country pitching inTo support its neighbourThrough thick and thinFor others, it may mean finally turning their dreams…Read more What Does Peace Truly Mean?

How difficult it is, to be a woman

How people change! Well, times change There was a time When I used to complain About extra bus seats for women Yes, this is not a lie! Having a female friend certainly helps With a different perspective With counselling, you believe That you can make changes But this is not about that This is about…Read more How difficult it is, to be a woman

Striving for more peace and less hate

Since the last few years the world has turned around "Nationalism" and "right wing" are buzz words that sound Far and wide; left, right and centre; in and out Such that nobody is left in any doubt Outside the circle of family and friends, there lies a complete chaos Cries for peace are drowned out…Read more Striving for more peace and less hate