How difficult it is, to be a woman

How people change!

Well, times change

There was a time

When I used to complain

About extra bus seats for women

Yes, this is not a lie!

Having a female friend certainly helps

With a different perspective

With counselling, you believe

That you can make changes

But this is not about that

This is about a person

Whom I will thank a ton

For changing my process of thought

She has been through a lot

Losing a dear father to war

Such a loss can leave a huge scar

Facing violence at her college

Why wouldn’t she take umbrage?

She just wants peace

Doesn’t she have a right to protest?

But nationalism doesn’t allow that

Rape threats to silence her voice

Trolled and harassed on social media

Forced to delete Facebook account

Nationalism is such a bigot

Thriving on pure hysteria

Even forcing her to take refuge

In the safety of her native

All this made me understand

How difficult it is, to be a woman

I am a lucky man

In a misogynist land

But she is still fighting out there

For peace and a better world

In this, I am fully with her

This sexism and hate must end

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