Striving for more peace and less hate

Since the last few years the world has turned around

“Nationalism” and “right wing” are buzz words that sound

Far and wide; left, right and centre; in and out

Such that nobody is left in any doubt

Outside the circle of family and friends, there lies a complete chaos

Cries for peace are drowned out by a sickening applause

Driven by hatred, jingoism, power and servitude towards authority

For those wronged there is no pity


Whether in India, in USA or in UK; it is all the same

No one in the government is willing to take the blame

For various atrocities that happen in the name of nationalism

Love for the country has transformed into hatriotism

As George Bush said , “You’re either with us or against us”

If you question the society or authority, you will become “Hush Hush”!

The powers in question are greatly helped by a patriarchal society

For which only success, money and power matter; not humanity


In India, you have Anti-Romeo Squads, mob lynchings and countless rapes

In USA, you have a President who is misogynist, racist, homophobic, fascist and xenophobic on tape

While in action, ruining the lives and careers of countless immigrants

In UK, you have a narcissistic PM who considers lives of people affected by fire tragedies as unimportant

As an idealist I strive for more peace and less hate

A liberal mind questioning the society and authority will be my mate

Love, trust and unity will stand tall through thick and thin

Share your issue with those who matter, consign the others to the bin!




Share your views please ! :)

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